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With Windows Ten being now four or five years old why an introduction? Well..

An Introduction to the workings of Windows 10 - 64 Bit Version.

Ok, Win 10 has been around for a while so this a section on the different problems and resolutions for Win 10. It is not a definitive go to for fixing software problems (geeks say issues) that you would find all over the internet. As I always point out unless you are getting the information you need from a reliable source check more than one web site for your resolution.

What prompted me to add the Windows Ten 64bit to this web site? This project Custom Computer Build  pushed me out of my XP comfort zone back into the cruel world of beta testing. Yes I do feel that Microsoft is beta testing it's product on it's customers. Windows 2000 had a few idiosyncrasies but they were minor compared to what Vista, Windows 7, the super kludge Windows 8 and 8.1, now Win 10 is being forced on to us, not only by MS but by the hardware manufactures. 

Am I still using XP? Yes indeed, you see I write for a small income stream; books, e-books, this web site, maybe I will start the newsletter up again. I use Office 2003, the main program is Microsoft's Front Page, it is a nice easy to use web page editor. Some of the newer programs have so many whistles and bells I get lost in the weeds of junk trying to write and format a page for this web site.

This is the introduction and Index page for the articles I will be doing for Windows Ten, some will be solutions for problems I have encountered; some will be my pet peeves that may be a gripe or may even have a solution...

When Windows Ten came out back in the day there were some problems. When I was gainfully employed by a major bank I was assigned to a JDP (Joint Development Program) between the bank I worked for and Microsoft. The primary product was Windows XP beta, did it have problems? Yes, however Microsoft was wiser then, the management went to companies that would use the product and asked for their opinion / needs / wishes before the actual roll out of the finished product. Did the JDP find all of the problems? No, however the final product was ready for MS's customers by 1000% more than any product since. XP is the longest running, most popular Operating System ever written. All the current kludges will not even come close to the length and breadth of the installed XP Operating Systems in the world.

So on to the "What can I do to fix / change" this problem or irritations index:

After my custom build I tested Windows Ten Windows 10 will load fast but how does it perform?
Some of the irritants that MS has plagued us with... Windows 10 Desktop, Folders, and Shortcuts a comparison

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