The Self Computer Repair
Unleashed 2nd Edition

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For Your DIY Computer Repair

Imagine your computer needs repair...

This is a powerful tool that all DIYers should have...

The 5 Steps to high quality and cheap DIY Computer Repair:

Diagnostics: Troubleshoot the problem, isolate the failure. Do you have the information to do the correct procedures?

Research: Find the correct replacement part. My motto: "Buy cheap, Get Cheap!" Purchasing the same part twice will cost twice as much and the second failure may create more failures!

Installation: Installing the new part, do you know what ESD is? Failure to follow simple procedures may cause damage to your new part before you even get it installed!

Initialize: Do you know what the first step is, what to do at power up, after a new part is installed? This step will save you enormous amounts of time... I.E.: Troubleshooting a failure that isn't there...

Testing: Once the new part is in do you know what steps you need to take to insure the new part is working properly?

You will find all the answers in this publication, with out the Geek/Techie jargon, and with out searching the www!

Problem solving, the DIY Computer Repair troubleshooting section walks you through different procedures to locate your failure, no geeky flow charts to try to decipher. You will get your computer repaired faster; then you will be able to use your computer sooner.

DIY Computer Repair - For "Normal" People

From The Desk of David Risley, Founder, PCMech

"Helping NORMAL People Get Their Geek On."

That has been the byline for for quite some time now. Because not everybody knows how to take apart a computer and do things on the inside. Not everybody knows how to get all geeky with the computer, maintain it, repair it, or optimize it.

The problem is, those who don't know how to do this stuff either find themselves getting screwed over by a computer tech guy who sees you coming from a mile away... or spinning your wheels looking around the Internet, trying to find something you can understand in a sea of complicated terminology.

Obviously, not all computer techs are out to screw you. But, I can tell you one thing... the moment you find out for yourself just how DOABLE this stuff is for yourself, you'll forever see the rates of a computer tech and think - RIP OFF. I guarantee it. Because being able to work on your OWN PC gives you the confidence to realize that... IT ISN'T THAT HARD, REALLY.Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition - 440 pages of expert advice at your finger tips...

TODAY, a long-time friend of has a GREAT (and rare) deal on his awesome computer repair manual - Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition Manual

Monte Russell has been a computer repair guy for 25+ years. As he said, 85% of all computer repair jobs he did could be completed in 15 minutes or less - BY YOU. It is just a matter of knowing how to do it, and learn it in plain English.

I have talked about Monte's book before here at PCMech. This thing is THOROUGH. Over 440 pages of pure how-to, with plenty of illustrations to back it up. This manual covers everything from optimization, repair, to full-out component installation.

While I could tell you more about it, I figure I'll just let Monte tell you about it. But, he has my full support. This is a great manual put together by a guy who clearly knows his stuff. He's been a long-time friend of PCMech, too...

If you like to do your own computer work and save the money, then this is for you. Period.

PC Media, Inc.
P.O. Box 1417, Riverview, Florida 33568, USA

Upgrade vs. buying a new computer, do you know if your computer is upgradeable? You will save money by upgrading certain parts over buying a new computer. Because when you save money, you save time.

How a computer works, when you know how a certain part works you can troubleshoot failures faster. The faster you can identify the problem the faster you can fix it. Then your computer is usable sooner.

Operating Systems (OS) without an OS your computer is just a pile of metal and plastic. The computer will not run with out it and you need to know how to...

Operating System problem resolution in today's computing environments the OS is very sophisticated and vurnable to failures. Knowing about these vulnerabilities will help you avoid those problems or resolve your failures faster, this will save you time.

History of computers, knowing how computers evolved will help you with your troubleshooting and repairs. Why? Some older computers are still being used. If you don't know about the older technology you will be lost when working with an older computer.

Advanced computer repair techniques when you get past the basic repair techniques you will want to do more advanced repairs. If you have to pay to have these types of problems fixed it will cost more. Why DIY if you still have to pay for other repairs? You save money by knowing how to do these repairs with this DIY Computer Repair ebook.

Extreme computing techniques, your computer is almost obsolete when you buy it. You can keep up with the some of the latest technology with out buying anything. Your computer will be faster with a few well placed changes found only in this DIY Computer Repair manual.

It is with great pleasure that I submit this testimonial. I just wanted
to send you a quick email to let you know how astonished I am by the
resources included in your e-book.

The guide covers pretty much any possible problems you may encounter while using your computer, and the instructions on how you can fix them are really simple to understand. I would recommend this e-book to anyone
especially beginner who are looking to repair or build their own computer.

I do however recommend more pictures cause they are great aids when you don't understand what the author is trying to explain.

Thomas B.           
Business owner  

Virtual computing, when you understand how virtual devices work it will save wear and tear on the physical device, such as a Virtual CD in place of a physical CD. Or say if your computer doesn't have a floppy drive you could use a virtual floppy to do the same work or task.

Fourteen pages of Geek to everyday English translated definitions. By translating all these geek acronyms, synonyms, and abbreviations to everyday English you don't have to search the web for them. It will save you a lot of time during your troubleshooting and repair. Time is money, right?

Two appendix's for optimization of your Operating System. Your computer seems very fast when you first buy it, then it slows down. You need to know how to speed up a slow computer. A fast computer will stop the frustration and time consumption that a slow computer creates. You will save time and cut out the frustration of  a slow computer and...

This DIY Computer Repair e-book is fully cross indexed so you can find your repair solution faster. This allows you to complete your repair sooner. You save time and you will also

Lower the cost of each repair. Compare your last repair to the cost of this of this DIY Computer Repair e-book. How much will you save on your next repair? You won't have to pay for any more repairs. You will have money to do other things because

You also save time. Contrast your last repair to this statement: "Over my career I have found that most computer repairs take less than an hour to complete... Monte Russell, 2006" How long did the last repair by a repair tech or repair shop take? You can do your computer repairs faster. Why wait days to use your computer when it could be done in an hour?

And this Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition e-book is portable, you can use different devices to view your repair procedure. You could use your tablet to read this document while you fix your computer or you can...

The most comprehensive DIY Computer Repair ebook on the web with 440 pages of easy to read everyday English (no geek/techie jargon). With over 300 illustrations (see Thomas B. I heard you...) to guide you through the "hard" parts plus bonus material that no other e-book offers!

Print it and put in a binder. You could print this document and put it in a binder or have it bound.  It would be instantly available when you need it. No need for a device to view the document while doing your repair. View actual pages from the e-book

A few notes from customers...

I want to say thanks for writing a book that is easy to follow and understand.
I'm starting to build computers and I have found more collective information in your one book than in several books combined.

Dave W.  

I used to spend a lot of time searching the internet to troubleshoot computer problems. Or end up on the phone with a techie person to get answers. I can say that 99% of the problems I've had in the past are answered in your E-Book.

Thanks for all the time saving tips and answers you provide

Ann G.                 
Business owner  

Time is money, if you do that repair it costs you less time, less time means it cost you less money, do it with this DIY Computer Repairs ebook, ...

This is a powerful tool that all DIYers should have...

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Monte Russell

Most people prefer searching for their home PC repair solutions that are free on the internet. However, do those 'freebies' come with a guarantee? Not at all..

This DIY Computer Repair Manual does not contain schematics or diagrams of computer components

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